Frequently Asked Questions

A brief introduction about Clay .

Clay is an Indian wireless service provider catering to the varied needs of international travellers across 200 destinations. It is headquartered in Delhi with offices across India. We have presence in over 30 locations with 100 points of contact across the country.

What services are offered by Clay ?

What services are offered by Clay ?

  • Country-specific Prepaid and Postpaid SIM Cards
  • Global Prepaid SIM cards
  • Global Mi-Fi Service
  • Country-specific Data Cards and Mi-Fi Products
  • Global Email Service

How is our SIM better from International Roaming Cards?

Our services provide a huge scope of cost reduction on your international roaming costs. The solutions ensure unparalleled network coverage, dynamic & quality customer support anytime and anywhere.

Can I use my Indian mobile number while travelling abroad?

You will not be able to keep your existing local mobile number active. We will provide you either country-specific or global SIM number as per your preference to save you from international roaming charges.

How can I get a Clay connection?

There are three different ways to get Clay SIM Card.

(I) ) Send a request for the website by filling the 'Get Quote' Form.
(II) Place an order online by selecting the web plan.
(III) Call on our customer care number @91-11-66470000.

Why is it important to provide correct information at the time of purchase?

We require information about your handset model, SIM type etc., to ensure customisation in the products/services. With the updated information, we are able to provide premium services during your trip. Hence, kindly update the correct information to help us serve you better.

What is the process of delivery?

The SIM delivery is on the basis of the departure date which the customer mentions at the time of 'Check Out' during online sale.

How do you extend your services in the areas where you do not have your offices?

We have our associations with courier companies to arrange deliveries within 24 to 48 working hours of confirmation after the submission of documents.

What is the pulse rate on which the pricing is calculated?

The pulse rate is 60 seconds.

Are Toll Free / helpline numbers chargeable on Clay SIM card(s)?

All toll free/ helpline numbers are chargeable on Clay SIM Cards.

Why is my SIM not working in India?

As per the Department of norms, none of our services work in India. We offer only international wireless solutions to travellers going abroad.

Is Clay SIM compatible with my handset?

Clay SIM cards don't work in network locked handsets. If it is network unlocked, you are requested to contact Clay customer care to check the handset compatibility as per the destination network.

Are there any hidden or additional charges?

Clay doesn't charge any hidden or additional cost on the services. The tariff plans are available on Kindly note our tariff plans are exclusive of service charges, shipment charges, government taxes and cost of the VAS opted by you.

Can I get a Micro or Nano SIM card for my smartphone?

Clay provides normal SIM cards by default. Smartphone/Tablet users must mention the requirement in advance to organise a Micro/Nano SIM card for their device.

Do I need to change my network operator every time I change my country of travel?

We suggest you to keep the network selection mode to "Automatic" to avoid any hassles.

Online Account

How to place an order online?

Go to Home Page Select the destination Select the type of service Start Order

Can I take plans displayed on the website by contacting you offline?

The web plans are available only for sale on the website.

What facilities do I get in e-transactions?

Postpaid: You can view your account summary; track your order status; apply for contract extension; request for SIM card pick up; make online payments; request for number suspension; view & download dialling instructions and share your feedback.

Prepaid: You can check current balance, view dialling instructions, recharge your Clay mobile number, check call history and also share your feedback to help us improve our services.

Why I am unable to login my online account?

Please make sure that you are entering your correct username and password. Kindly share your details with us at / and we will contact you soon.

How can I access my online account?

In case of online sale, the customer will complete the registration process. Once the registration is complete, the login details will be e-mailed to you on your registered e-mail address. In case of offline sale, the auto-generated login credentials are shared on the registered e-mail address.

How can I change my registered e-mail address in your records?

Kindly share your current and updated details with your account manager. Or you can login your account online, go to 'Customer Services' section and click on 'Change Information' to share your request for change in information in our records.

Lost/Activation/Deactivation/Return Process

I have lost my SIM card, how can I deactivate the SIM?

To deactivate the Clay mobile number, kindly send an e-mail on your account manager's email address or e-mail at / or call us at 011-66470000 permitting us to block the number. We take 4-5 working hours after your e-mail is received to process the deactivation. All the usage till deactivation of the SIM would be your responsibility. Please mention your name and Clay mobile number for reference.

What are the charges in case I lose my SIM card/Handset?

In case you have lost your Clay SIM card, the minimum charge is INR 1500. However, the exact cost would depend on the country-specific SIM card issued to you. In case you have lost your Clay handset, the charges are based on handset model you have taken from us.

I don't remember my Clay mobile number, how shall I send a request for deactivation?

Kindly send us an e-mail at / mentioning that you have lost the SIM card and hence, you wish to block the card. Please mention your full name or CAF (Customer Agreement Form) receipt number to process the deactivation request. Don't forget to mention that you don't remember your Clay mobile number for our reference.

My SIM card has been deactivated without any prior information. Why?

We request you to kindly share your Clay Mobile Number at your account manager's e-mail address. Our representative will arrange a call back shortly.

Whom do I get in touch for pick-up of the SIM card?

You can either e-mail your pick-up request at or send your request through "My Accounts" Section under customer services tab.

Do I need to pay upfront to avail Clay SIM card?

It is a prepaid SIM card; hence all the cost will be paid in advance while taking the services.

How can I change my registered e-mail address in your records.

Kindly share your existing and new e-mail address along with personal details at

I am unable to receive incoming calls even if the calls are free in Global Prepaid.

It is important to have 1 Euro as balance to receive incoming calls.

My SIM card has been deactivated without any prior information. Why?

Kindly check the remaining balance on your mobile. If you have sufficient balance, we request you to kindly share your Clay Mobile Number on your account manager's e-mail address or e-mail us at to ensure quick resolution of your query.

Where 3G handsets are mandatory to use while using Clay Prepaid Services?

Carry 3G compatible handsets while taking Global Prepaid and Thailand Prepaid SIM cards.

I have lost my existing number. Can I get a new SIM with same old number?

You have to purchase a new SIM. The existing/old number can't be activated on the new SIM.

Can you transfer the recharge value of my lost SIM to a new Prepaid SIM?

Yes, it is possible only when you purchase the SIM card. The account manager will verify your details and will process the transfer. Kindly contact Clay customer care agent for the same.

Why Clay SIM card doesn't work on international roaming?

If the Clay SIM card is a country-specific SIM card, then it will work only in a specific location. If you have taken Middle East or Western Europe SIM card, then you can put forward your request to recheck the SIM status to your account manager or email us at

Do I need to pay anything upfront to avail your SIM card?

There is an initial security deposit of Rs. 10,000/- which is blocked from your credit card. There is a minimal cost of INR 199 as security fee which is prepaid by the customer during online sale.

What is the procedure of reclaiming my same mobile number?

Kindly share your request prior to 20 days of your travel to reserve the same number. We require your full name, previous Clay mobile number and a copy of your passport to verify your details.

Why my credit card is blocked again?

The maximum limit to block the amount in credit card is 19 days and the amount is reblocked again till the final invoice has been paid.

Billing and Payments

Do I get an itemised bill?

Yes, we share itemised bill with you on a monthly basis depending on the billing cycle of the respective destination network.

Can I get the hard copy of the invoice?

The hard copy of invoice is available at a nominal charge of Rs. 100.

Why have I not received the invoice of my usage for the services taken 2 months ago?

The invoice is generated on a monthly basis as per the billing cycle of the destination network and is sent through an e-mail, which is registered with us. We request you to reconfirm your registered e-mail ID with us at

Why am I receiving 2 bills of the same travel?

The invoices are generated as per the billing cycle of the network. For instance, the billing cycle of the network is from 1st to 31st of every month and you have travelled from 20th to 10th Nov then there will be two invoices generated for the dates 20th – 31st Oct and 1st - 10th Nov. If this is not the case, then contact your account manager or customer care at 011-66470000.

What should I do in case my name/company name is wrongly mentioned on the invoice?

Kindly share your invoice number and your correct name/company name with your account manager. We will rectify the error and e-mail you the updated invoice on your email ID registered with us.

Why the invoice has been charged with different pricing from the prices shared and approved by me?

This happens when you are not entering your correct credit card details. If the same problem persists contact our customer care team.

Why have I been charged on roaming as I didn't use the services on roaming.

We request you to kindly share your invoice number, RAF, Clay mobile number and your travel dates with us at We will verify the details and call you back in next one hour.

Why my credit card is charged when I have cleared all my payments through cheque/cash?

We request you to kindly share your invoice number, RAF, Clay mobile number and your travel dates with us at We will verify the details and call you back in next one hour.

How can I put a request for payment collection?

You can either select online requisition option or put forward your request for quick payment collection at by sharing your invoice number.

How can I pay online without logging my account?

Once your bill is generated, you would receive username and password on your e-mail address registered with us. You can login at

I have not received the invoice even on the e-mail. Then, why has my credit card been debited?

We request you to kindly share your Clay mobile number and reconfirm your e-mail ID registered with us at We will arrange a call back from our representative shortly.

Why the amount has been debited from my credit card before receiving the invoice?

We request you to kindly check your e-mail as all the invoices are sent to the registered e-mail address. As per the credit policy of our company, if the payments are not cleared or if the customer does not respond within 7 days of invoices generated, then the payments get debited from the credit card.

What are the various options available for travellers taking Clay data services?

The travellers have an option to choose Data Cards, Mi-Fi Services and Add-on data packs with voice services.

What is Mi-Fi services?

Clay introduces a ready-to-use pocket Wi-Fi device known as Mi-Fi. The Mi-Fi services enable travellers to enjoy group connectivity by paying for a single user.

Is Mi-Fi compatible with all operating systems?

It supports Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/8.1 and Mac OS.

Does the data card support international roaming facility?

World data card supports international roaming facility. However, the country specific data cards do not support international roaming.

Where can I use Clay data/Mi-Fi services ?

Clay Data Cards/Mi-Fi services work in more than 125+ countries across the world.

How it is beneficial to use Mi-Fi services during your international trips?

The benefits of Mi-Fi services are:

(I) The device is highly portable.
(II) Supports 3G internet service.
(III) Pay for a single usage and get group connectivity.
(IV) Connect Mi-Fi with mulitiple devices.
(V) Get country specific Mi-Fi services or Global Mi-Fi services depending on your travel requirements.

Will I get unlimited internet usage?

Yes, you can enjoy unlimited internet usage in more than 100 countries across the world with Global Mi-Fi services.

How to use data services?

All you have to do is just plug-in the device (data cards/Mi-Fi) to the laptop/smartphone and start using it. However, the user has to create a profile using APN, username and password to set up a country-specific data card or Mi-Fi.

Is there any payment required before taking data services from Clay?

In offline sale, the invoice is generated after returning from the international trip. However, in online sale, the customer would have to pay rental cost and service fee at the time of sale.

In case of loss of Data card/Mi-Fi device

Report the loss of Data card/Mi-Fi device immediately to account manager to block the SIM card. The usage of the services until it is blocked is the sole responsibility of the user.

How much time is required to activate data services?

Clay requires 48 working hours to activate data services.

How much time is required to de-activate data services?

De-activation of data services requires 6-12 working hours depending on the network of the travelling country.

What is Global Email Service?

Clay Global Email Service enables you to access unlimited E-mails and stay connected through messenger on BlackBerry from across the world at a fixed price.

How is this beneficial?

The user can stay connected by accessing unlimited e-mails on the go. You don't have to search for a local cybercafe and don't have to worry about changing currencies at every place you go. Therefore, it saves a lot on your FOREX and time.

Which countries are covered under Global Email Service?

Global Email Service works in more than 200 countries across the world. View major companies here You can contact us at 011-66470000 to know the complete list of countries covered under the service.

Can I configure BES and BIS based e-mail accounts on my phone?

You can configure 10 email accounts irrespective of BES and BIS server.

Can I make calls from this number?

The service is designed only for Email and Messenger. However, if you use SIM for making calls, the cost would be extremely high as it will be charged on international roaming. Hence, we would advise you not to use the service to make voice calls. You can get a separate country specific SIM to make voice calls.

Can I use my own Blackberry® Handset?

You can use your own network unlocked Blackberry® device by inserting Clay SIM. However, you can also rent a handset from us.

Does all BlackBerry handsets support Global Email Service?

All BlackBerry unlocked devices work with Global Email Services. However, you have to take data services (GPRS) for BlackBerry Q10 and Z10 handsets.

How will I register my BlackBerry account in Clay SIM Card?

All Clay SIM Cards are pre-activated before delivery. The user is required to only insert the SIM in the handheld to use the services. The user has to share the below details: IMEI No., BES/BIS Server Confirmation and email account details.

How will I configure emails in my BlackBerry device?

The configuration of the email ids in the Blackberry device depends as per the BlackBerry servers:
1) BES(Blackberry Enterprise Server): E-mail ID is automatically configured in BlackBerry ® handsets using BES.
2) BIS(Blackberry Internet Server): Email IDs can be configured manually in the Blackberry device and also by visiting the website of the network provider of the travelling country.

Is mail forwarding feature available with this service?

Mail forwarding feature is not available with Global Email Service.

Can I use BlackBerry® as a modem for laptop?

Data tethering is not allowed with Clay Global Email Services.

Will I get a notification if I exceed my data usage?

There is no provision to send a notification to the customer when the usage is exceeded over the specified limit.

How will I get this service?

To get Global Email Service, you need to contact our Customer Care on +91.11.66470000 or email us at . We will get back to you with the details for the plans.

How much time will it take to activate Clay global email service?

It requires 48 working hours to arrange and activate Clay SIM for your BlackBerry device.

When should I return Blackberry/SIM card after returning back to India?

You are requested to contact our customer care within 48 hours after returning back to India. Our technical team will take a back-up of your mails/Data and then will deactivate our services. Once deactivated, you can start using your previously activated services.

Can I get a back-up of my e-mails from the rented BlackBerry device after returning from the trip?

We will provide you back-up of your e-mails on your BlackBerry device.

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